Jan 24, 2006

HB1008 -- Major Moves

STRONGLY OPPOSE: Libertarians opposing user fees and privatization? In this case, we have no choice. Governor Daniels' plan to lease the Indiana Toll Road for 75 years to a private interest is simply too great a cost to justify the list of infrastructure treats his office claims will result from this move. A slight increase in current tolls, expansion into toll roads across the state, and select Express toll lanes or truck toll lanes could accomplish quite a lot. And, we would not have sold out our great-grandchildren to accomplish it. In his zeal to do everything Democrats luckily could not accomplish in sixteen years, we would hope the governor steps back and realizes what is truly necessary, what is equitable across the state and what is the real cost to Indiana in the future. We're confident even he would change his mind on "Major Moves."

STATUS: House Rule 106.1 suspended.

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