Jan 19, 2006

HB1010 -- Eminent Domain

STRONGLY SUPPORT: Far from perfect, it's a great first step put forth by Reps. Wolkins, Foley and Grubb. Prior to the ruckus created by the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Kelo case, Rep. Wolkins was advocating for stronger eminent domain language. It's a state's decision how to handle the issue and the stronger the language the better for libertarians. HB1010 provides for protection of taking land for the private use of another party, sets just compensation for property taken for prevailing uses, sets time limits on the progress of projects in which eminent domain was exercised, and sets penalities where timelines are not met. It falls short by exempting the Indiana Department of Transportation in some instances and lends itself to loopholes in this area. However, kudos to these legislators for pushing this forward. It deserves our support.

STATUS: Passed out of Committee on Judiciary to full House.

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