Jan 19, 2006

Introduction to the LPIN Legislative Center

With the volume of bills passing through committees in both the Indiana House and Senate, it is more pressing than ever that we communicate our thoughts on these policy issues clearly to our supporters and general public.

This blog will be a clearinghouse for our legislative insights, support and opposition. From time to time, we will pass out our kudos to those public officials who uphold our libertarian principles and jeers to those who undermine our liberties and true role of government.

This forum is to simply share our policy positions. Comments on postings has been suspended. If you would like to comment on a position, please contact LPIN headquarters at lpinhq@lpin.org or comment on any number of the libertarian blogs and message boards online.

I hope you will check this blog regularly and use this as a tool in your own community. The issues that will be spotlighted will further our advocacy efforts in areas of property rights, property tax reform and small business support.

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