Jan 24, 2006

SB0037 -- Election Reform?

STRONGLY OPPOSE: From what appears to simply tidy up some election housekeeping comes an alarming wake-up call to third party and independent candidates. Introduced by the census data advisory committee, this bill provides that a vacancy in a legislative office last held by someone other than a Republican or Democrat must be filled through a special election. Why would they not allow Libertarians the same privilege they share of appointing replacements?

Another alarming component of this packed 84-page bill extends the expiration date for "certain" counties to receive reimbursements for voting equipment. Now folks, there's no excuse for this one. The majority of counties were able to make decisions and implement necessary changes. For the counties that missed the deadline, let them stand accountable and not simply look away from their mismanagement.

STATUS: Passed out committee to full Senate vote.

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