Feb 21, 2006

House Committee for Public Health

The House Committee for Public Health is hearing two Senate bills today with the option of amending and voting on each. Both, whether well-intended or not, seem to create more levels of bureaucracy or mask the purpose and intent. Libertarian? Support? Oppose? You tell me.

Take the polls for the following two bills under consideration on our Liberty Beacon Yahoo! Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lpin

SB270 -- Family Social Service Agency Matters
Smoke and mirrors? This bill proposes the name of the program change from Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) to Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). Temporary would be nice, but the bill goes on to remove the "prompt and diligent efforts to verify information in indigent care applications" language. We all understand the staff at FSSA is overworked and under-appreciated. While we commend the jobs they do, should the government be providing a path to least resistance in handing out public dollars? Also, the bill authored by Senator Miller requires state staff to seek an exemption of copayments at the time of treatment for non-emergency services delivered at hospital emergency rooms. This passed out of the Senate 50-0.

Read the full text of the bill and see the action on SB270.

SB284 -- Statewide Trauma System
This bill establishes a statewide trauma system under the authority of the Indiana Department of Health. It authorizes the Department of Health to "adopt" rules concerning the trauma system. "Adopt" or "impose"? It would seem that a private network of hospitals could arrange this with the government's brokerage, not oversight and "authority". OH, this passed the Senate 50-0, also. What's this we hear about bi-partisan battles at the Statehouse?

Read the full text of the bill and see the action on SB284.

Sign on or join our Yahoo! group and take the polls on these bills. Results will be posted later this week.

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