Feb 13, 2006

Session Update -- LPIN Positions


HB1010 -- Eminent Domain -- Passed the House and is still sitting in committee. We need to call our Senators and let them know to take action on HB1010 as the House submitted it (or even stronger language would be nice).

HB1142 -- Skills 2016 -- Sitting in Senate committee. No action yet.

SB0117 -- Tobacco Incentives -- Passed out of House committee. Moving forward without amendments.

HB1113 -- Food Service Tort Reform -- In Senate committee. No action yet.


SB0037 -- Election Reform -- Passed out of Senate 50-0. Sitting in House committee.

SB0127 -- Campaign Reform -- Passed out of Senate 50-0. Sitting in House committee.

SB 0088 -- Seat Belts -- Passed out of House 26 - 21. Sitting in House committee.

HB1008 -- Major Moves -- Passed out of House on party line vote. In Senate committee.

We need to keep watching these and contact our legislators. The partyline R votes are quite annoying and northern Indiana republicans may come to regret this blind support at the polls in November.

We expect components of the HB1400 or HB1399 to surface in any one of a handful property tax bills that passed out of committee. With "Major Moves" slowing in Senate committee, some attention from the over-reaching property tax reform bills are not being discussed as much. Sen. Kenley has held up the closest thing to good legislation in HB1001, authored by Rep. Espich. However, there's plenty of time for special interests -- particularly the cronies associated with Indiana Association of Cities and Towns -- to build in their increased taxes. Be aware!

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