Feb 23, 2006

Update -- HB1010 - Eminent Domain

Rep. David Wolkins kindly phoned the office today with an update on HB1010, his legislation to make eminent domain abuses a practice of the past. (Well, at least until Quick Fix and Indy Mayor Peterson squeeze out the NK Hurst company....then the legislation can take effect.) He noted in the phone message that they have a handful of amendments on the table for a Monday session. He was pretty neutral on the changes and I concur they don't appear to be anything that would change the tone nor purpose of this bill. We'll still watch for those changes.

Kudos to Wolkins for taking this on this session -- now if we could only have him look clearly at the terms of the toll road sale -- oh, sorry, that's a lease. Oh, wait, it's a "sale" that just looks like a "lease."

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