Mar 11, 2006

HB1008 -- Major Moves -- Action Needed!

Calling all libertarians -- Quick Fix's Major Screws bill is still working its way through committee. It's a rough road. What was once viewed as an unstoppable piece of poor legislation is coming under fire now from L's, D'r and a few R's. Winona Lake Republican Dave Wolkins has already come out against the bill and should open the door for a handful of other northern Indiana R's to break ranks.

At issue: Evansville R's don't want the new terrain I-69 route changed. Indy R's want the route to not go through heavily populated Perry Township. To toll or not is a real issue with southern Indiana R's. Indy to Bloomington Republicans won't sign on if that stretch of the new terrain I-69 is tolled. Further south, they'll be screaming if they get tolls and the middle doesn't. And, of course, up north 80% of the residents disapprove. LaPorte Rep. Budak was quoted in Indy press saying, "If it costs me the election, so be it." We be it.

Call your legislator Monday! We need to get word out.

STATUS: Somewhere between becoming horrible law and dying.

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