Jul 12, 2006

HEA 1155 Sex Offenders

It’s hard to feel bad for convicted sex offenders. They have committed terrible crimes on our most innocent and vulnerable. But even for society’s most undesirable members we must draw some line of privacy rights and human dignity. The 2005 Indiana Sex Offenders law, on top of the already existing public Sex Offenders Registry, requires offenders to notify law enforcement if he/she will be absent from his/her home for more than 72 hours. If the offender is living in temporary housing he/she must register every seven days and requires law enforcement to personally visit the residence. While we recognize that these crimes are very serious, it seems as though a person who has paid the price and spent what society considers to be an appropriate amount of time in prison, has paid his/her debt to society. To then compel that person to spend the rest of his/her life without any privacy borders on Big Brother. In addition, the use of law enforcement and bureaucracy to process these offenders and visit their homes when they could be out preventing new crime is inefficient, unsafe and a waste of taxpayer money.

Author: Mary Kay Budak
Sonsor: David C. Long

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