Jul 17, 2006

SEA 205 Disclosure of Electronic Mail Account Addresses

We applaud the Indiana Legislature for this measure, which protects the privacy of Hoosiers. It provides that a public agency need not create or distribute to lists of email accounts in most cases, and in many cases may not. It also prohibits agencies or businesses from inspecting confidential records. In a time when America seems to be moving more and more toward a disregard of privacy rights, it is refreshing to see Indiana standing up for those rights. The internet is an anonymous forum for the exchange of information. It is just about the only anonymity we have left. We are glad that Indiana, at least, has seen fit to preserve that, even if the Federal Government won’t. The Bush Administration and members of both major parties in Congress could learn a great deal by looking to Indiana’s example.

Author: JEff Drozda
Sponsor: Eric Koch

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