Aug 30, 2006

HEA 1420 Employee Tobacco Use

This bill seems good but yet, so common sense it should be unnecessary. The bill ALLOWS employers to implement financial incentives related to employee health benefits to reduce employee tobacco use. Why does this even need to be said? Of course employers and employees should have the right to negotiate any agreement they wish between themselves. An employee smoking increases the chance that he/she will need medical care. This is a statistical fact. Health insurance is based on statistical probabilities. Those who are a higher risk should of course pay higher premiums. But more importantly than that, a business and an employee do not need the permission from the government enter into an agreement that affects only them. Consenting adults have the capability as well as the right to negotiate their own deals. So thanks to Indiana for allowing us to make our own decisions, but we’d rather you just stayed out of it.

Author: Tim Brown
Sponsor: Beverly J. Gard

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