Aug 8, 2006

SEA 193 Controlled Substances

Pharmacists and cold sufferers have become the newest innocent casualties in the war on drugs. In a blatant invasion of the privacy of lawful buyers and sellers, the legislature now requires pharmacists to keep a log of all buyers of any product containing ephedrine or pseudo-ephedra, chemicals commonly found in over-the-counter medications such as cough syrup and everyday pain relievers. Law enforcement officers can inspect, on demand, the log of any pharmacist and the new law allows the Indiana Criminal Justice Department to obtain log statistics. The government can now monitor you simply because you buy cough medicine. The law also classifies the possession of two or more precursors with intent to manufacture methamphetamine a class D felony. Intent is a vague, ambiguous, and hard to prove standard to prosecute someone. Most everyone owns two or more precursors since precursors include cough syrup, caffeine pills and gasoline. So we’ve put ourselves in a position where, at a police officer’s discretion, felony arrests can be made based on ownership of everyday household products.

Authors: Richard D. Bray & Lindel O. Hume
Sponsor: Ralph M. Foley

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