Sep 20, 2006

HEA 1261-Housing and Community Development

This law moves several programs from the Family Social Services Administration (FSSA) to the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, including the housing assistance act of 1937, community services block grants, home energy assistance programs, weatherization assistance, food and nutrition programs, migrant and farm worker programs, emergency shelter grant programs and shelter plus care programs.

On its face this seems like a good thing for Libertarians. With all these services being moved away from the bureaucratic agency, one would think government was downsizing. One would be wrong. With all these responsibilities being lifted from the shoulders of the FSSA, maybe budget and/or personnel cuts would accompany. Maybe not. There is no provision in the bill reducing the size of FSSA. Other programs will assuredly follow to take the place of those that have been moved. Government agencies never die.

Author: Woody Burton
Sponsor: Teresa S. Lubbers

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