Jan 20, 2006

SB0054 -- Handgun Licensing

SUPPORT: Senator Nugent knows what his constituency wants -- less government hassles. He has authored SB0054 which provides that handgun license renewals may be done electronically. To see the latecomers sign on as co-authors certainly speaks to Nugent's correct read on this issue.

STATUS: In Committee on Corrections, Criminal, and Civil Matters.

HB1084 -- Property Tax Deduction for Commercial Golf Courses

OPPOSE: How many school officials would enjoy knowing that the loss of property taxes and subsequent budget cuts came at the hands of legislation allowing commercial golf courses to receive property tax deductions if they allow elementary or secondary school students to play at no charge? With the federal No Child Left Behind policy in place, does author Rep. Bischoff suggest refining the law to include No Child Misses the Cut? This is time-wasting legislation and irresponsible on Bischoff's part.

STATUS: In Committee on Ways and Means.

Jan 19, 2006

HB1010 -- Eminent Domain

STRONGLY SUPPORT: Far from perfect, it's a great first step put forth by Reps. Wolkins, Foley and Grubb. Prior to the ruckus created by the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Kelo case, Rep. Wolkins was advocating for stronger eminent domain language. It's a state's decision how to handle the issue and the stronger the language the better for libertarians. HB1010 provides for protection of taking land for the private use of another party, sets just compensation for property taken for prevailing uses, sets time limits on the progress of projects in which eminent domain was exercised, and sets penalities where timelines are not met. It falls short by exempting the Indiana Department of Transportation in some instances and lends itself to loopholes in this area. However, kudos to these legislators for pushing this forward. It deserves our support.

STATUS: Passed out of Committee on Judiciary to full House.

HB1051 -- Landlords' Rights

SUPPORT: Representatives Hoffman and Koch must be landlords. The proposed legislation allows a landlord to take possession and dispose of a delinquent tenant's remaining property if the tenant has not paid rent in fifteen days or occupied the property during this time. Terms apply for terminated rental agreements and court ordered removal of property.

STATUS: In Committee on Judiciary.

HB1017 -- Property Appraisers

SUPPORT: In certain cases, particularly the sale of some government-owned parcels, Representatives Welch and Harris propose that subjective criteria for selecting a three-member panel be changed to require three disinterested parties, with two of them being certified appraisers. Certainly not the most pressing issue facing the legislature, but seems like a reasonable proposal.

STATUS: Passed out of Committee on Financial Institutions to full House.

HB1114 -- Social Security Number/Identify Protection

SUPPORT: Rep. Foley continues to charm libertarians on property rights issues. The bill addresses various housekeeping issues. The primary reason for support is the addition of a culpability standard that must be met by a county recorder's office when releasing documents containing Social Security numbers. Also, streamlines the ability of the recorder's office to process documents more timely.

STATUS: Passed out of House. Senator Steele sponsoring in Senate.

HB1354 -- Tax Breaks to Motion Picture and Recording Industries

OPPOSE: No. 1354 provides an unnecesary tax break to a special interest industry. Rep. Lutz proposes that the motion picture and audio recording industries receive exemptions from sales tax on the purchase of goods for the direct use of the business. Unremarkably, the most profitable side of the motion picture business -- obscene movies -- are excluded from the exemption. Oppose on the grounds of special interest incentives, not the exclusion of obscene movies.

STATUS: In Committee on Ways and Means.

Introduction to the LPIN Legislative Center

With the volume of bills passing through committees in both the Indiana House and Senate, it is more pressing than ever that we communicate our thoughts on these policy issues clearly to our supporters and general public.

This blog will be a clearinghouse for our legislative insights, support and opposition. From time to time, we will pass out our kudos to those public officials who uphold our libertarian principles and jeers to those who undermine our liberties and true role of government.

This forum is to simply share our policy positions. Comments on postings has been suspended. If you would like to comment on a position, please contact LPIN headquarters at lpinhq@lpin.org or comment on any number of the libertarian blogs and message boards online.

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