Mar 1, 2006

HB1010 - Eminent Domain Update

Amendments: True to form, LPIN can agree with the general direction, but the devil's in the details. Senate dealt with seven amendments to Rep. Wolkins' eminent domain bill. Of the seven, five passed. Of those five amendment, LPIN supported only one and that was just mild support. Of the two that failed, LPIN would liked to have seen one pass and was indifferent on the other. Passing amendments: 3, 5, 6, 10 and 11. Failing amendments: 2 and 8.

Just when we think our legislators will do the right thing.......

STATUS: Passed Senate 49-0 with unfavorable amendments. Back to House.

SB333 -- Government Over-licensing

OPPOSE: Eric Miller's Advance America got this one right. The webpage reads, "Churches and Christian Schools should not be licensed by the government!" So, how do we end up with different conclusions to SB333? Advance America says "support this." But, the reality is the government should not be licensing many of the business and organizational efforts covered in this mammoth bill. The bill extends government reach from barber shops to manufactured housing installers. And, where they increase licensing for some, they decrease licensing for others. Mr. Miller, where's the equity in this bill? Stand by the LPIN and fight for more equal treatment of all businesses, not just a special interest group.

STATUS: Passed Senate 50-0. Amended in House five times, up for full House vote.

Feb 27, 2006

HB1010 -- Eminent Domain Senate Vote Today

The full senate is hearing the HB1010. If passed, it will go back to the House for consideration of the Senate amendments. And, there are a few amendments proposed.

1010-1 Indifferent. Deals with sewage disposal company. Probably not a bad thing to simply clarify.
1010-2 Support. Makes eminent domain use stricter for sewage disposal companies.
1010-3 Mildly against. Sets a limit on signage lost through eminent domain use rather than possible full cost recovery. Not a major point, though.
1010-4 Indifferent. Addresses timelines for court proceedings related to eminent domain cases.
1010-5 Mildly support. Sen. Drozda proposes changing language from "publicly owned venues" to "parks". He's been an opponent of eminent domain abuse. We've got to believe this is a good thing.
1010-6 Against. Sets limits on legal fees allowed to recoup from condemnor if ruled against in court. The stiffer the potential penalty the more hesitant someone will be in trying to use eminent domain.
1010-7 Strongly Against. Sen. Broden proposes that greenfield sites be viewed differently. If, for example, a company would like to develop some farmland and has acquired at least 75% of the land needed, the rules for acquiring the remainder are much less strict. Sorry, Senator, bud "this land is my land...."
1010-8 Indifferent. More sewage disposal company language.
1010-9 Against. Sen. Broden's second attempt for stealing farmland. I guess just in case his first attempt doesn't work.
1010-10 Against. Hmmm.... Sen. Broden's third attempt for stealing farmland. I guess just in case his second attempt doesn't work. He's a persistent son of a gun, isn't he?
1010-11 Against. Amendment wants to allow exception be given to "certified technology parks". I'm sure everything would become a technology park if this were to pass. Say no.
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