Mar 11, 2006

HB1008 -- Major Moves -- Action Needed!

Calling all libertarians -- Quick Fix's Major Screws bill is still working its way through committee. It's a rough road. What was once viewed as an unstoppable piece of poor legislation is coming under fire now from L's, D'r and a few R's. Winona Lake Republican Dave Wolkins has already come out against the bill and should open the door for a handful of other northern Indiana R's to break ranks.

At issue: Evansville R's don't want the new terrain I-69 route changed. Indy R's want the route to not go through heavily populated Perry Township. To toll or not is a real issue with southern Indiana R's. Indy to Bloomington Republicans won't sign on if that stretch of the new terrain I-69 is tolled. Further south, they'll be screaming if they get tolls and the middle doesn't. And, of course, up north 80% of the residents disapprove. LaPorte Rep. Budak was quoted in Indy press saying, "If it costs me the election, so be it." We be it.

Call your legislator Monday! We need to get word out.

STATUS: Somewhere between becoming horrible law and dying.

SB321 -- Skills 2016 -- Position Reversal

OPPOSE: Senate Majority and House Minority Leadership opted to continue their assault on small business with their decision not to exempt small business from mandatory funding of the Skills 2016 fund. The proposal would have exempted employers with fewer than 20 employees from contributing to this worker training fund. These companies will never have an opportunity to access this money. The joint committee ironing out details found a way to iron away the real benefit in this one. Truly shameful. Small business owners of Indiana unite!

STATUS: Destroyed by legislators....anyone surprised?

Mar 7, 2006

Public Health Bills Survey Results

We can't claim a resounding scientifically accurate poll, but 80% of our respondents shot down the two proposed bills sitting in the Committee for Public Health.

SB284 - Statewide Trauma System - While few would disagree that a better system is needed, the problem with supporting this proposed legislation is the long-term government control of the project. Help get it started and step back. We don't need more government agencies regulating private industry. STATUS: Passed both House and Senate. In conference committee working out differences.

SB270 - Family Social Services Matters - No one seemed to like this one. Just as well, as it looks to be dead in committee. Just don't turn our could come back! STATUS: Appears to be killed in Committee.

SB321 -- Skills 2016

SUPPORT: This is the language from HB1142 which was supported earlier in the session. It was folded into SB321 when it did not get out of the House committee. SB321 exempts employers with fewer than 20 employees from payment of Skills 2016 Training Fund assessments. This training fund is not a tool for small business growth. It is merely a subsidy charged small business owners to support big business and big box company attraction efforts. This bill will keep millions of dollars in small business owners businesses. What a concept! Call your legislator today to support this.

STATUS: Passed House and Senate. In conference committee to iron out details of chamber differences.
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