Sep 13, 2006

HEA 1011-Miscellaneous Election Law Matters

Establishes a pilot program in selected counties that will hopefully go statewide whereby a voter may vote at any vote center in his/her county regardless of precinct. This law would make voting much easier for those who work somewhere different than where they live. By giving people more flexibility with where they vote, hopefully Indiana can substantially increase voter turnout and make it possible for people who could not make it to the polls on election day to vote. Workaholics, people on the move and young families will benefit from this experiment. This is a good move on the part of the Indiana legislature and we hope that it works out well in the pilot counties and becomes law for all of Indiana very soon. And, after that, let's work on eliminating the gerrymandered districts so when people do vote they have a choice. What a combination -- choice and access?

Author: Kathy Richardson
Sponsor: Connie Lawson

SEA 191-Photos in Criminal History Files

Provides that a law enforcement or justice agency reporting an arrest must submit a photo of the suspect and those photographs are included as part of the limited criminal history an employer may request before hiring. It's puzzling why an employer would want a 20-year old mug shot or even one-year old photo for that matter. The employer can learn all he/she needs to know about prospective a propspective employee from court papers, applications and properly prepared background checks. There are private companies that excel in providing quality background checks. Is it not possible for a person to learn from mistakes made without our government standing on the sidelines undermining attempts at personal growth? Show some respect, please.

Author: Thomas J. Wyss
Sponsor: William Ruppel
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