Sep 25, 2006

SEA 232 - Jury Service Exemptions

Kudos to Indiana on this one. It repeals a provision allowing for certain jury service exemptions and puts in its place a deferral system by which selected jurors may defer service for up to a year if they select an alternate date. This law ends the dodging of jury service while simultaneously giving people an option that reduces the inconvenience of service as much as possible. Jury service is a duty that every registered voter owes in exchange for that privilege, and is essential to the functioning of our court system. That being said, there’s no reason to make jury service more of an inconvenience than it has to be. Hopefully this will lead to much more enthusiastic jurors, who will view jury service as less of a chore.

Author: Beverly J. Gard
Sponsor: Ralph M. Foley

HEA 1327-Taxation and Government Finance

Yet one more law where state government interferes in county tax issues. This one regulates Jackson and Scott Counties’ income tax rate and changes the termination date for Nashville and Martinsville food and beverage taxes. What end does it serve for state to be meddling in county affairs? The county is responsible enough to levy its own taxes when it needs them without the state tweaking and modifying.

Author: Jeffrey Espich
Sponsor: Howard Kenley
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