Feb 3, 2007

SB 217 - State Insect

Synopsis: Provides that the monarch butterfly is the state insect.

It's good to see all the state's problems have been solved so our legislators can take time to focus on what really matters, what insect should be the state's official.

Author: Kruse


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Anonymous said...

Monarch Butterfly for Indiana State Insect!

After researching we did detect
That Indiana has no state insect.
Without insects we’d have no pollination.
Imagine the effect on our great nation!

What does it matter? You might want to know.
Well, caterpillars, like children, quickly change and they grow.
Said our children in Waterloo
“We want the monarch, what can we do?”
We raise them and feed them then wait to see –
Male or female, what will they be?

Then with hope and with faith, very carefully
We hold our monarchs before setting them free.

We track their path – to see where they will go.
And write letters to children in Mexico.
We act as ambassadors for our state,
To protect and preserve the monarch’s fate.

Monarchs – beautiful symbols of delicate grace,
Yet strong enough to endure the paths they must face.
In just one month we observe and see
As the egg transforms before you and me.
Caterpillar – chrysalis- and then butterfly.
A natural mystery rising to the sky.

Like the orange leaves that adorn Indiana trees in the fall,
Orange monarch wings give one more reason to all.
We see little white dots on their wings ---
A symbol of the snow Indiana winter brings.

So, Senate and House members listen, we ask,
Please hear our voices and rise to the task.
Our youth are the ones we’ll someday elect-
Who now ask for the monarch as our state insect.
Listen to letters your children have sent.
Let’s all make a difference in state government!

- Lisa Conrad
Thank you Senator Kruse for risking ridicule from others in Indiana because you took time to talk with students and listen to their requests. Dr. Seuss knew that even the Whos in Whoville deserved to be heard.

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