Feb 13, 2007

SB 577- Lottery Privatization

Synopsis: Authorizes the state lottery commission, the Indiana gaming commission, and the Indiana finance authority to enter into a management agreement for the operation of the lottery. Establishes the Hoosier hope scholarship program. Establishes the world class scholar program. Makes an appropriation.

Privatization can be very positive for the taxpayer, if done properly. Given Daniel's track record, don't count on it.

Author: Merritt
Status: Referred to the Committee on Tax and Fiscal Policy


Ed said...

Where are we getting this information? We need a link to a website that tells about the laws and how all the reps. voted. I've got someone asking how local reps. voted on the seat belt law and I can't find where to send him.

Your help would be much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

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