Feb 3, 2007

HB 1090 - Sale of handguns

Synopsis: Provides that a gun show vendor is a firearms dealer for purposes of the law concerning the sale of handguns. Makes it a Class A misdemeanor for a person to purchase more than one handgun during any 30 day period. Provides for certain exceptions.

This bill is not only a infringement on our rights, but is completely unnecessary. One handgun can kill a person dead just as well as a bushel basket of them, it will do nothing but inconvenience law-abiding citizens. A criminal intent on murder and mayhem will be sure to avoid buying two handguns in a one-month period less he tack on a misdemeanor to his consecutive life sentences.

Author: Orentlicher


SB 18 - Handgun Sales

Synopsis: Eliminates the requirement that a handgun dealer, after selling a handgun to a purchaser, forward to the state police department a copy of Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Form 4473 completed and signed by the purchaser.

Most gun dealers are small, locally owned businesses, reducing their paperwork load is a good thing, as is the impact on the privacy aspects.

Author: Steele

Status: Third reading passed (49/0)

SB 10 - Repeal of student scoliosis testing requirement

Synopsis: Repeals a provision that requires each public school student in grade 5, grade 7, and grade 9 to be tested for postural defects.

The forced medical testing of our children is just another sign that our representatives consider parents to be incompetent and unable to provide proper medical care if not for the benevolent hand of the nanny state stepping in to force them. This repeal could mean a real monetary savings that could be turned into tax cuts, and allow the control of a child's medical care to be returned to his or her parents, where it belongs. It will also allow educators to spend more time in the classroom, and less time compiling medical data reports.

Author: Miller
Status: Passed third reading (37/11)


SB 217 - State Insect

Synopsis: Provides that the monarch butterfly is the state insect.

It's good to see all the state's problems have been solved so our legislators can take time to focus on what really matters, what insect should be the state's official.

Author: Kruse


HB 1033- Requires weather radio in mobile homes

Synopsis: Requires that a mobile home that is installed in a mobile home community be equipped with a weather radio.

What's next, making it a felony to forget to change your smoke detector batteries?

Author: Hoy
Status: Referred to the Committee on Technology, Research and Development

HB 1259- Sales tax holiday

Synopsis: Sales tax holiday. Provides a sales tax exemption for clothing, clothing accessories, school instructional material, and school supplies that are purchased during the seven day period from July 25 through July 31.

Real tax relief measures of any sort are rare and sales tax relief can help to spur growth in the local economy and increase tourism, as other tax holiday states are fully aware. Why can't this bill be expanded to cover more than just school supplies?

Author: Crooks

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