Feb 13, 2007

SB 577- Lottery Privatization

Synopsis: Authorizes the state lottery commission, the Indiana gaming commission, and the Indiana finance authority to enter into a management agreement for the operation of the lottery. Establishes the Hoosier hope scholarship program. Establishes the world class scholar program. Makes an appropriation.

Privatization can be very positive for the taxpayer, if done properly. Given Daniel's track record, don't count on it.

Author: Merritt
Status: Referred to the Committee on Tax and Fiscal Policy

HB 1029- Free Textbooks

Synopsis: Provides textbooks to students in public schools at no charge to the student's family.

Nothing is as expensive as what a politician tells you will be "free." Although we can argue the truthfulness of their wording "no charge to the student's family," the fact is textbooks are already subsidized to Hoosiers. This bill would further take the consumer out of the loop and remove any incentives to find less expensive books or more efficient ways to educate our children.

Author: Hoy

SB 106- Alternative Fuel Grants

Synopsis: This bill requires a $10,000,000 yearly appropriation for development and research of alternative fuels.

Most alternative fuels are smoke and mirrors, this is why governments are the only suckers gullible enough to "invest" in them, the private sector won't touch these scams with a ten foot pole. There is probably an answer to our energy questions, but government waste is not it. Profit as a motivation is enough to propel the development of these new technologies, if the government would just get out of the way and allow the free market to make it happen.

Author: Lanane
Status: Referred to the Committee on Appropriations

SB 327- Immunization for school age girls.

Synopsis: Requires a school to: (1) provide information to each parent of a female child entering grade 6 concerning the link between cervical cancer and the human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and of the availability of an immunization; (2) collect written statements from the parent indicating whether the child received the immunization; and (3) file a written report with the state department of health (state department) stating the number of required female students who have received the immunization and the number of female students who have not received the immunization. Requires the state department to provide a school with the information on cervical cancer and HPV and prescribe the format for the written statement.

Although far better than its earlier incarnation which would have forced medical care on our children, this bill still threatens to require government schools to play family doctor. This bill assumes that the state knows best when it comes to the medical care our children receive by what can only be construed as an attempt to bully parents into injecting their daughters with this unproven, possibly ineffective, and potentially dangerous vaccine. What role could pharmaceutical giant Merck, who stands to make piles of money, play in this legislation?

Author: Becker
Status: Passed the Senate (44 to 5)
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