Mar 25, 2008

HEA 1042 - Intent to Sell Sexually Explicit Material

Synopsis: Intent to sell sexually explicit materials. Requires a person that intends to offer for sale or sell sexually explicit materials to register and file a statement with the secretary of state. Imposes a $250 filing fee and requires the secretary of state to notify certain local officials of the county in which the person locates the business. Provides that a person that offers for sale or sells sexually explicit materials without registering and filing the statement commits a Class B misdemeanor.

It's already begging lawsuits from major bookstores and news outlets. Not a good sign for a really poor piece of legislation. An election year signature from the governor must have been meant to placate the Eric Miller zealots of the world who like to trample citizen and business rights. Let's hope the courts get this one right.

House passes: 88-5. Senate passes: 44-2. Voting no in the House: Crooks, Noe, Avery, Moses and Pierce. Senate no's: Boots and Mrvan.

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