Mar 24, 2008

HEA 1051 - School Corporation Donations to Foundations

Synopsis: School corporation donations to foundations. Permits a school corporation to annually donate not more than $25,000 to a community foundation if the donation is matched by a private donor. (Current law permits school corporations to make matched donations only to public school endowment corporations.)

As more and more school corporations look to the community for funding of their core program needs, school foundations at secondary schools are taking off. While this bill allows a school corporation to maximize matching grants up to $25,000, it does not go far enough in providing transparency for those contributions. It states that the qualified foundation must open its books at the request of the state board of accounts to determine in which the school corporation's donation and any matching donations have been held or distributed. It would be nice to make those books open for public scrutiny at the time public funds are received.

Passed House: 94-0; Passed Senate 46-1. Sen. Skinner was the lone dissenting vote.

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