Mar 28, 2008

HEA 1112 - Learner's Permits and Graduated Driver's Licenses

Synopsis: Learner's permits and graduated driver's licenses. Establishes the interim study committee on learners' permits and graduated drivers' licenses to study: (1) the minimum age at which learner's permits and probationary driver's licenses can be issued by the bureau of motor vehicles; (2) requirements for practice driving before a probationary driver's license can be issued; (3) the use of handheld devices by probationary drivers; (4) conditions to which the probationary driver is subject while driving; (5) whether a penalty should be given to a minor who accompanies a probationary driver without an accompanying adult driver of a certain age; and (6) the adoption of rules concerning driver education instruction.

The synopsis says what it is -- a government committee. We know what's next, also. The Final Report by will make rather strict and punitive recommendations that will be passed out of House and Senate Committee and adopted nearly unanimously by both chambers. Watch for the learner's minimum age to increase and unenforceable requirements related to "practice driving" and passengers be included.

Senate passes 43-3; House passes 92-0. Voting "No" in the Senate -- Kenley, Nugent and Waterman.

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