Mar 24, 2008

HEA 1169 - Cosmetology and Estheticians

Synopsis: Cosmetology and estheticians. Changes the term "cosmetology professional" in the law concerning beauty culture to "beauty culture professional". Defines "threading". Exempts threading from cosmetology licensing laws. Makes conforming changes. Repeals the definitions of "cosmetology professional" and "continuing education course" .

This comes from the man who wants to serve Indiana's 7th District in Washington D.C. Rep. David Orentlicher must have bored with property tax reform. While his colleagues were haggling over tax caps, Rep. Orentlicher was redefining cosmetologists as "beauty culture professionals". Well, there's some important legislation.

Of course, I'm sure it was prompted by the need for our legislators to properly define and exempt the art of threading from cosmetology law. For the unwitting reader, according to Indiana Code 25-8-2-19, "threading" refers to a technique that results in the removal of superfluous hair from the body by twisting thread around unwanted hair and removing it from the skin and the incidental trimming of eyebrow hair.

Seems a bit crazy to over-license and regulate this industry, but also not clear why eyebrow trims get the exemption over other body parts.

And a side note -- Rep. Mays, an opponent of Rep. Orentlicher in the upcoming primary, was excused from the vote. Either she was getting the eyebrow trim and unable to make the roll call or she realized there were more important matters -- probably the latter.

House passed 86-9. Senate passed 46-1.

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