Mar 28, 2008

SEA 192 - Truth in Music Advertising

Synopsis: Truth in music advertising. Prohibits a person, other than a media source, from advertising or conducting a live musical performance or production by falsely, deceptively, or misleadingly implying that there is an affiliation between a performing group and a recording group. Makes a violation of the provision a Class A infraction

At first glance, this legislation appeared to be death to all Elvis Presley impersonators. Then one reads the exceptions: 1) the performing group is an authorized owner of the service mark; 2) at least one member was a member of the recording group; 3) the performance is identified in all advertising and promotion as a salute or tribute; 4) advertising does not relate to a live musical performance or production taking place in Indiana; and 5) the performance is expressly authorized by the recording group.

So, what exactly does this protect?

House passes 99-0; Senate passes 46-0. Rep. Borders, well-known for his own Elvis impersonations and performances voted in favor of this.

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