Mar 25, 2008

SEA 26 - Smoke Detectors in Rental Properties

Synopsis: Smoke detectors in rental properties. Makes it a Class B infraction if a landlord fails to: (1) properly install a smoke detector at the time a tenant moves in; or (2) repair an inoperative hard wired smoke detector within seven days of receiving notice of the need for repair. Increases the penalty to a Class A infraction for a subsequent offense. Provides that a landlord and a tenant may not waive the requirement that a smoke detector be installed in each rental unit. Requires a tenant to replace batteries as needed in a battery operated smoke detector and to provide written notice of any malfunctions of a hard wired smoke detector to the landlord. Permits a fire department to inspect a private dwelling upon the request of the owner or primary lessee who resides in the dwelling.

Wow. What a way to perform warrantless searches using our local fire departments. Can the legislators abuse the Constitution anymore?

He said. She said. I can hear it now, "I wrote my landlord that the smoke detector wasn't working." Landlord, "My lessee took the smoke detector off the wall and never replaced it." The solution? Call the Fire Department? ARGH!

Senator Jackman and colleagues really know how to grow the size and scope of government. Not only does his legislation burden the local fire departments with potential landlord/tenant disputes, but it usurps local government control. Overall, this legislation is ill-conceived and unenforceable.

Senate passed: 41-7. House passed 97-0. And we were told Republicans want smaller government? If that's the case, why are Senators Hume, Skinner and Lewis consistently for less intrusive government? Kudos to them!

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