Mar 25, 2008

SEA 28 - Fire Safe Cigarettes

Synopsis: Fire safe cigarettes. Establishes reduced ignition propensity standards for cigarettes. Authorizes the state fire marshal, the department of state revenue, and the alcohol and tobacco commission to monitor and enforce the standards. Provides for certification fees and penalties. Establishes: (1) the reduced ignition propensity standards for cigarettes fund; and (2) the fire prevention and public safety fund.

Industry is already manufacturing these. Twenty-two states comply. Ironically, the best argument against is from smokers who claim there are increased toxins in the cigarettes and is putting them at risk. Ummmm...... Back to the point -- industry doesn't mind, it is proven to reduce fires and there's little reason to believe enforcement is an issue when industry is already complying.

House passed: 98-0. Senate passed 47-1. Senator Meeks dissents.

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