Apr 1, 2008

HEA 1227 - Shoreline Development Commission

Shoreline development commission. Adds the following two members to the shoreline development commission: (1) A representative of a public utility that owns real property that is located in counties contiguous to Lake Michigan and that has a total assessed value that exceeds the total assessed value of the real property owned by any other public utility owning real property in the counties contiguous to Lake Michigan. (2) The port director of the Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor. States a preference for the member of the commission appointed by the lieutenant governor being from a visitor and tourism business. Makes a technical correction.

Let's see...a public utility owning real property in the counties....blah blah.... Why not just say NIPSCO gets a representative on this very populated committee? If for some reason NIPSCO discontinues being NIPSCO, I imagine legislators would have plenty opportunity to alter this. Nothing really wrong with adding two more bodies to this board. The size of this committee isn't a problem. What they can do, however, could always be a problem.

House passes 94-0; Senate passes 47-0.

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