Apr 1, 2008

SEA 118 - DOC Superintendent Qualifications

Synopsis: DOC superintendent qualifications. Allows a person who does not hold at least a bachelor's degree to serve as a superintendent in the department of correction (DOC) if the person has specified levels of experience. (The introduced version of this bill was prepared by the sentencing policy study committee.)

We're not sure if this was intended for a particular person or not. It would appear so. And, we're torn. Our legislators constantly tell us the importance of a good education and throw millions upon millions of dollars at every level. If we are to believe them, we should be demanding our leadership positions are filled with properly trained managers. For hypocrisy, we score our legislators low for this.

However, it's long been a libertarian perspective that experience rivals education and we should be promoting the most capable and prepared individuals into management regardless of formal education. For doing the right thing with this legislation, we score our legislators high.

House passes 97-2; Senate passes 47-1. Voting "no" -- Sen. Drozda and Reps. Micon and Murphy.

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