Jan 7, 2009

HB 1032 - Wabash River Heritage Corridor

Synopsis: Wabash River heritage corridor commission. Removes the provision that money in the Wabash River heritage corridor commission fund does not revert to the state general fund at the end of a fiscal year. Establishes the Wabash River heritage corridor fund. Deposits proceeds paid for minerals taken from beneath the navigable waters of the state in the Wabash River heritage corridor fund. Makes a technical change.

OPPOSE: When a bill proposes a couple slight word changes and moves to reallocate monies to an unspecified purpose, flags are raised. This tidy piece of legislation suggests we change the Wabash River Heritage Corridor Commission to the Wabash River Heritage Corridor Fund. It continues to move unspent funds away from the state general fund into the Heritage Fund, to be used by the communities, including unspecified reimbursements of committee members.

According to the statement of economic impact, the General Assembly allocates $91,000/year to the current commission fund. In addition, revenues generates from mining of minerals amounts to nearly $250,000. This amounts to a quarter million dollar slush fund for committee members to dole out.

Status: Authored by Rep. Grubb, co-authored by Rep. Leonard; referred to Committee on Natural Resources.

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