Jan 15, 2009

HB 1420 -- Teacher Recruitment Program

SYNOPSIS: Establishes the teacher recruitment program and fund: (1) to encourage and promote qualified African American and Hispanic male teachers to pursue a career in teaching in accredited schools in Indiana; (2) to enhance the number of individuals who may serve as role models for African American and Hispanic students in Indiana; and (3) to rectify the shortage of African American and Hispanic male teachers teaching in accredited schools in Indiana. Requires the state student assistance commission to administer the fund.

OPPOSE: Few can deny there's a need for more male teachers in our schools. While this legislation tries to focus on recruitment of African-American and Hispanic male teachers, it falls short on one key aspect -- recruitment. The bill allows for a $4,000 award for a qualifying African-American or Hispanic male teacher in his second full year of teaching. He's already there, already teaching, already serving as a role model. There are more reasons consistent with libertarian views on education to oppose this legislation, but a very basic one is it misses its own mark.

STATUS: Authored by Rep. V. Smith, referred to Committee on Education.


Anonymous said...

2009 and we still submit laws based on racism...this is a sad state to live in indeed.

George Edwards said...

So, if we agree then we agree with the analysis not the law right?

@Anonymous 5:25 AM- What laws are based on racism? Drug laws for sure, but what ones are you referring to?

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