Jan 15, 2009

HB 1457 -- Invasive Species

SYNOPSIS: Establishes the invasive species council (council) within the Purdue University College of Agriculture. Establishes the invasive species council fund. Requires the council to establish a cooperative weed management program to protect the diversity of natural areas in Indiana to: (1) promote the creation of cooperative weed management areas; and (2) create partnerships that create opportunities for contiguous landowners to work together in the management of invasive plants that threaten natural lands and native biological diversity. Establishes a project workgroup to recommend cooperative weed management plans to the council. Establishes the cooperative weed management fund. Staggers the initial terms of the appointed council members.

OPPOSE: What? We need legislation to create a partnership that creates opportunities for neighbors to work together in managing their weeds? What? However silly that may sound, the real reason for opposition to this legislation is in the fiscal impact statement. The bill does not specify sources of revenue for the fund. The bill contains no appropriation for the fund. So why create something that can't survive....kind of an invasive species itself, yes?

STATUS: Authored by Rep. Kersey, referred to Committee on Natural Resources.


Patriot Paul said...

If responsbile funding is allocated with fiscal restraint, it is a good goal. Georgia has a vine rapidly overtaking its landscape and headed this way. Our fishlife is threatened with hostile species from ship ballasts. This is a much needed preservation bill.

Mike Kole said...

Invasive species? Wither evolution? Why are we so interested in freezing time to coincide with either the time of our arrival, or the time immediately before our arrival, to any given area?

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