Jan 15, 2009

HB 1493 -- Manufacture of Flags Used in Public Buildings

SYNOPSIS: Provides an absolute purchasing preference for United States and Indiana flags manufactured in the United States. Provides that if there are no flags manufactured in the United States that meet the specifications of the purchasing agent, the purchasing agent may purchase flags manufactured outside the United States.

SUPPORT/NEUTRAL: Why not, right? It is the symbol of our State and Nation, why not require the flags on display in public buildings be manufactured in the United States, or at least require preference be given to those products. It may end up costing a little more, but that's not all bad.

Authored by Representative Bischoff, referred to Committee on Small Business and Economic Development.


Patriot Paul said...

We should have the freedom to choose; not censorship in the form of restrictions.

Scott Tibbs said...

It isn't censorship if government is doing the purchasing.

Nonetheless, as a free trader I dislike the idea. Let the market decide who manufactures the best flags at the best price. I want my government searching for the best deals at the best price.

This is s symbolism over substance.

Sean Shepard said...

This seems protectionist and goes against the interest of taxpayers. If the United States economic policies make it that our own country can't produce it's own flags most cost effectively than that should be sending a different statement than flag makers need protection.

Anonymous said...

Libertarians supporting protectionism?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't this violate the equal protection clause of the constitution?

Ryan Liedtky said...

I actually am in support of this legislation. We are talking about what the government is purchasing. It makes sense that the government should purchase American products. This does not interfere with the private market, or free economics, as it applies only to the government.

I am not sure that we need legislation for this, but I don't see any reason to oppose this. The government should make that decision on its own as it makes smart economic policy that by purchasing American the money stays here, and helps the local and national economy. So the government should do this regardless. The legislation, to me, is harmless and does not interfere with any free trade or free economic policies.

Jim Hass said...

I once picked up a truckload of flags to be flown in the House of Representative in Washington DC. They were sown in Pennsylvania. At the factory I was prevented from taking any pictures. Perhaps because the flags were all sown by elderly women from southeast Asia.

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