Jan 15, 2009

HB 1512 -- Silver Alert

SYNOPSIS: Creates the silver alert program to inform the public about missing endangered adults. Defines "missing endangered adult" as an individual who is over 65 years of age and has Alzheimer's disease or dementia. Renames the Indiana clearinghouse for information on missing children as the Indiana clearinghouse for information on missing children and missing endangered adults (clearinghouse). Requires the clearinghouse to operate the amber alert program and the silver alert program. Makes conforming changes.

SUPPORT: With few exceptions, the Amber Alert has provided a service to our society and helped in reducing the cost of finding missing children by mobilizing the media and community. While uncommon, there seems to be significant increases in the instances of the elderly with Alzheimer's disease or dementia going missing. Folding the Silver Alert system into the existing Amber program is a service that appears to help families, community and agencies alike.

Authored by Rep. GiaQuinta, referred to Committee on Veterans Affairs and Public Safety.

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Sean Shepard said...

While the amber alert program definitely seems to have some important advantages, that program and this one could easily be handled by broadcasters and media organizations agreeing to work with police to get the word out.

Not sure I understand why a whole "system" with money attached is required. Seems like another government program isn't needed or legislative action to make this sort of thing happen.

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