Jan 7, 2009

SB 0015 -- Lobbying by Former Legislators

Synopsis: Lobbying by former legislators. Provides that an individual who has served as a member of the general assembly may not register as a legislative branch lobbyist during the period that ends one year after the date the individual ceases to be a member of the general assembly. Provides that the prohibition applies only to an individual who ceases to be a member of the general assembly after June 30, 2009.

STRONGLY AGREE: Senator Miller kicked off the legislative session with this effort that may have some legs this year, particularly with Republicans trying to gain favor with voters after a rough 2008. A noble first effort, putting limitations on legislator/lobbyists would be a great first step. A truly reform-minded legislative body would quickly move forward with this legislation.

Authored by Senator Miller and sent to Committee on Rules and Legislative Procedures. Senators Lubbers, Charbonneau and Lawson signed on as co-authors.

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