Jan 8, 2009

SB 026 - Grandparents' Visitation

Synopsis: Grandparent visitation. Provides that a child's grandparent may seek visitation rights when a parent or guardian of the child unreasonably denies or restricts visitation. Eliminates current conditions under which a grandparent may seek visitation rights. Specifies the court in which a grandparent seeking visitation rights may file a petition.

OPPOSE: This bill would strip the rights of the parent to determine for a child what relationship, if any, a child would have with grandparents. Current legislation allows grandparents to petition the courts for visitation in the event the parent dies, divorces or the child is born out of wedlock. This bill proposes the only hurdle is the court finds the parent has unreasonably denied or restricted visitation. Sorry, grandma, but that's Mom's right.

STATUS: Authored by Sen. Waterman, with co-authors R. Young and Alting. Referred to Committee on Judiciary.


Patriot Paul said...

If the intention is to monitor parental child abuse by the instances cited (child born out of wedlock,etc.) by allowing granny a visit, then I would rather have granny as the first line of defense against abuse instead of the state. The child's safety trumps neglect and abuse by the parent. Stick in there granny

Sean Shepard said...

What if the grandparents are the abusers Paul?

Nobody is going to tell me that I have to allow someone else, related or not, to visit or have my children.

This is the kind of law that is meant to do one thing but always gets used to do all kinds of harm to people it was never originally intended to ensare.

Family squable with Grandma and she gets ticked that she hasn't seen her grandkids in 2 years and bam, lawsuit. I think not.

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