Jan 13, 2009

SB 033 - Equivalent Jobs and Wage Discrimination

SYNOPSIS: Equivalent jobs and wage discrimination. Provides that an employer may not discriminate against an employee on the basis of sex, race, or national origin by paying a wage less than the wage paid to an employee of another sex, race, or national origin for work in an equivalent job. Requires an employer to keep certain records of wages paid to an employee and to provide certain documentation to the employee, including an annual statement of how the wages were calculated. Requires the department of labor to adopt rules, including specification of certain criteria for determining whether a job is dominated by employees of one sex, a particular race, or a particular national origin. Allows an employee claiming wage discrimination to file a complaint with the civil rights commission. Authorizes a civil action against an employer that fails to comply with certain wage reporting requirements or that takes certain discriminatory actions. Provides for damages against the employer in certain circumstances. Makes conforming changes.

STRONGLY OPPOSE: With legislation like this, why even provide for capitalism?

STATUS: Authored by Sen. Mrvan, referred to Committee on Pensions and Labor.

1 comment:

Patriot Paul said...

The bill would require multiple amendments to make it worthless. Needs scraped

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