Jan 13, 2009

SB 084 - Rename the Department of Workforce Development

SYNOPSIS: Rename department of workforce development. Changes the name of the department of workforce development to the department of unemployment insurance.

OPPOSE: While it may seem rather innocuous, the bigger question is "why the name change?" Financial analyst, Chuck Mayfield, writes in the Fiscal Impact Statement that "there could be some cost to changing signs and documents." He adds with no quantifiable dollars that this would likely be minimal. Let's see...business cards, letterhead, web presence, publications, pamphlets and forms....It certainly doesn't seem all that minor for a state that's cutting expenditures across the board.

STATUS: Authored by Sen. Kruse, referred to Committee on Pensions and Labor.

1 comment:

Sean Shepard said...

Seems like maybe it changes the name to something more honest. Can go either way on this one.

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