Jan 15, 2009

SB 237 -- False Informing and DNA Collection

SYNOPSIS: Requires all persons arrested after June 30, 2009, to submit a DNA sample. Makes knowingly providing false information during an official law enforcement investigation a crime. Makes conforming amendments.

STRONGLY OPPOSE: Yikes! This legislation would move us several steps closer to a police state while providing for more and more opportunity for corruption. LPIN rejects the mandatory sampling of DNA for convicted persons. This legislation would be expanded to all persons arrested.

STATUS: Authored by Sen. Merritt, referred to Committee on Corrections, Criminal, and Civil Matters.


Patriot Paul said...

DNA requirement in criminal cases is no more invasive than a baby's footprint on his birth record.

Ed Gluck said...

The LPIN Oppose says: LPIN rejects the mandatory sampling of DNA for convicted persons.

Yet the law description says: "Those arrested"

Unlike Patriot Paul, if believe the DNA requirement is a terrible invasion.

I believe the kids at Duke were GUILTY! All but the black player gave samples of their DNA. They are guilty of weakening the U.S. fourth amendment and state equivalents.

Scott Tibbs said...

1. Horrible, horrible, horrible law. I will be writing my representatives about it. Thanks for the alert.

2. Blaming the kids at Duke for submitting DNA is like blaming the a rape victim for the rape.

Anonymous said...

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Sherman Unkefer said...

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