Jan 8, 2009

SB 286 -- Cultural Competency in Schools

SYNOPSIS: Cultural competency in schools. Requires the department of education to develop standards for cultural competency teacher training. Requires school corporations and accredited nonpublic schools to develop policies concerning cultural competency training for school staff and students.

OPPOSE: This is a bill that likely won't see the light outside of a committee hearing, if it even is heard by committee members. The bill proposes mandatory multi-cultural training for teachers in order to better serve the diverse needs of all students, including racial minority, low-income, ESL and various religious group students. It further demands the superintendent put a policy in place addressing cultural competency and audits.

STATUS: Authored by Sen. Taylor, referred to Committee on Education and Career Development.

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Patriot Paul said...

This bill would compel teachers to be knowledgable about the cultural ability or non-abililty of pupils to actually learn with a disadvantaged consideration of their background. If this helps teacher's teach, yes, but establish a pilot program and measure the results before making law.

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