Jan 15, 2009

SB 479 -- Regional Transportation Districts

SYNOPSIS: Permits counties to establish a regional transportation district to plan, design, acquire, construct, enlarge, improve, renovate, maintain, equip, finance, operate, and support public transportation systems. Establishes a fee on vehicle registrations, and permits the creation of allocation areas, the establishment of a special allocation of county option income taxes, and the imposition of a food and beverage tax, a county economic development income tax, or a special benefits property tax to provide funding to regional transportation districts. Permits other public transportation agencies to merge into a regional transportation district. Requires the governor to appoint a deputy commissioner for the department of transportation to assist the commissioner with the public transportation responsibilities of the department.

STRONGLY OPPOSE: Regional taxation? Any legislation that creates and allows a government agency to "plan, design, acquire, construct, enlarge, improve, renovate, maintain, equip, finance, operation and support" CANNOT be good for the people. To pay for this, the regional authority would have a hand in COIT, F&B taxes, economic development income tax or a special benefits tax, in addition to a fee on vehicle registrations. No, no, no.

STATUS: Authored by Sen. Lanane, referred to Committee on Homeland Security and Transportation & Veterans Affairs.


Patriot Paul said...

the question should be in the form of a referendum for the people to decide when transcrossing sources of funding. this is the only conflicting issue.

Mike Kole said...

Hogwash. If I live outside a municipality or county, I do so at least in part to avoid the taxes that municipality imposes.

If a city or county wants to have a bus company, that's bad enough, but taxing the region ASSURES that taxes will be the primary form of paying for it, rather than fares (user fees).

See: Robbing Peter to pay Paul.

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