Jan 15, 2009

SB 511 -- Various Vehicle and Motorboat Laws

SYNOPSIS: Removes vehicles owned or leased and used for official business by certain: (1) rehabilitation centers; (2) community action agencies; (3) area agencies of aging and the aged and county councils on aging that are funded through an area agency; and (4) community mental health centers; from exemption from the payment of vehicle registration fees. Provides that a probationary operator's license expires at midnight of the date the holder becomes 21 years and 30 days of age. (Current law provides that the probationary license expires at midnight of the day of the holder's twenty-first birthday.) Removes the requirement that the bureau of motor vehicles place an identifying symbol on the face of the certain permits, licenses, or identification cards to indicate that the applicant has a medical condition. Provides that certain offenses committed under the law of the United States or in another state that are substantially similar to certain offenses committed in Indiana be counted toward an accumulation of offenses for purposes of an individual being adjudged a habitual violator of traffic laws. Includes motorboats in the category of vehicles for which an individual is prohibited from operating while intoxicated. Provides that after June 30, 2009, the penalties for operating a motorboat while intoxicated are the same as for operating a wheeled vehicle while intoxicated, and repeals current law pertaining to operating a motorboat while intoxicated. Makes corresponding changes. Makes technical corrections.

OPPOSE: This legislation is chockful of annoying tweaks to existing legislation, which is already aggressively adequate.

STATUS: Authored by Senator Charbonneau, referred to Committee on Homeland Security and Transportation & Veterans Affairs.

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