Jan 6, 2009

SB002 -- Internet Safety in Education

Synopsis: Internet safety education in schools. Mandates policies concerning safe Internet usage in all schools. Stipulates reporting requirements for superintendents.

: This bill proposes more reporting requirements for already overburdened school administrators. Current law provides that a school must have a safe internet policy in place that requires a school corporation include in its curriculum for grades 3 and above. This bill proposes requiring biennial reporting by each superintendent to the State for policy approval. In turn, the state superintendent will compile and report a summary of these individual reports to a legislative committee. In a day and time where legislators don't read the bills up for consideration, requiring administrators jump through these additional hoops for no purpose is pointless. Let school boards manage their administrators and set guidelines for their own schools.

Introduced by Senator Arnold and referred to Committee on Education and Career Development.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to point out that on the summary bar to the right this is listed under Agree instead of Disagree. Might want to correct it.

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